Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Marketing Your Work

My blog has strayed. The original topic about when to cease editing a manuscript and move onto the next project has actually moved into another realm—Marketing! This week’s question asks you how a relatively unknown writer can attract a publisher’s interest. Please, writers, visual artists, musicians and all other creatives weigh in.

To thank you for your support, here’s a related visual—a proud Floridian crane or Great White Heron (not exactly certain which but I am told it is a Great White, yet Sibley’s Guides has a few other suggestions). Nevertheless, the bird is “craning” its neck and isn’t that what marketing is all about, stretching to stand out from the others, reaching perhaps to attract attention or grasp something valuable? This striking photo comes from Kate Ryan’s photo collection. See more Kate Ryan’s photography work and imprinted items at:


  1. Yes, Ms. Liz - stretching to stand out. As you know, I've been absorbed in social media as part of my marketing mix. But social media is just another channel, albeit a newer form of communication, in which to "reach" others and make them aware. If you love what you do - and I do - and I know you do - then the stretching becomes easier. Sharing your truth and passion really is quite easy - it's the mechanics and "how to's" that might trip us up. But look at us - here we both are blogging - who would have guessed this scenario back in our high school days!?! And finally, thank you times 3 for posting my "crane / white heron / whatever bird" image. We need a "birder" to weigh in on this!

  2. There's something about this crane in Kate Maxin Ryan's photo that reminds me of marketing strategies. Here's a slender bird, young and probably inexperienced which has taken ownership of the wooden post on which it perches as it searches ostensibly for a meal or a mate. With a touch of yellow at its beak and matching yellow feet, surely something will be attracted. Throughout the watch, the crane stands tall, staring with sharp focus on its prize. Similarly, as I search for a publisher for my novel "Dance of Time", while I may not wear yellow shoes, I remain confident in my effort to stand out. This blog is one aspect of my marketing strategy. Since, I'm a social bird, I invite and heartily welcome you to plug your own novels, poetry, photographs, paintings as you respond to this request: What's your advice for attracting a publisher?

  3. Liz, this is a very visually pleasing blog, and Kate, that is a gorgeous photo. You really captured the moment. I agree, Kate, that social media such as this blog is what helps exposure these days, and I intend doing the same for my novel. Perhaps we can draw an analogy between capturing the moment of the photo, and doing the same by putting ourselves in the public realm and hopefully creating many such moments.

  4. Social media is just another tool, really. It seems "easier" than composing and typing letters to agents or publishers, or to creating flyers and press releases, as in the past. But the field is far more crowded thanks to this perceived "ease of use."

    And I say perceived because, frankly, I don't find it any easier to promote myself on social media platforms than I did before these existed! I'm a writer, not a marketer. And I deeply dislike self-promotion and even promotion of the work -- which deserves it more than the self does! That said, I do have a blog, a website, and a Facebook presence (no Twitter, however). And I observe what other writers do for promotion of their work, sometimes more successfully than I do. I ask myself, can I do that? am I motivated enough to do that? how much does the marketing matter to me?

    Clearly it matters to you. So, good luck and persist. Persistence is the big determiner. Hang in there and do not give up. :)